Studio 12 Exhibition

"Interactive art reclaims an audience and reclaims the rest of our bodies as well, and this seems very necessary considering we all tend to live in our heads" - Stuart Ringholt. Culminating in a two-part workshop in which members of the public were invited to consider and confront their fear of embarrassment, Crimes of the Apple Worms unified the various aspects of Stuart Ringholt’s interdisciplinary art practice. Photographically documented action, live public ‘research’ undertaken by the artist, and critical self-examination all featured in Ringholt’s first Studio 12 exhibition at Gertrude Contemporary, in an exploration of, and intervention into, the invisible boundaries and psychic obstructions experienced by individuals in contemporary culture.

Stuart Ringholt lives and works in Melbourne. He has exhibited widely, both around Australia and internationally. Solo exhibitions include Recent Work, Kurb Gallery, Perth 2003 and Yoga Art, Galerie Dusseldorf, Perth 2003. Recent Group exhibitions include look – grenzen der sichtbarkeit, Kaskadenkondensator, Basel, Switzerland 2003; Flux: uncertain states: New Art from Western Australia, Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, Perth 2003; and ART02: The West Australian Art Fair, Perth 2003. Ringholt has also undertaken numerous performances and projects including Embarrassed, 9 Performances in Basel, Firenze, Melbourne and Perth 2001-2003 and Fire Extinguisher, 3 performances, Stirling Train Station and Kurb Gallery, Perth 2004. In 2003, Ringholt undertook a residency in Basel, Switzerland.

[Biographical information current as at May, 2004]