With cartography, design, and architecture as departure points, M.A.P. developed as a collaborative project by Masato Takasaka and Justin Andrews that aimed to produce a crossmedia dialogue between two geometric abstractionists. The project involved the alternating fabrication of paintings by Andrews and sculpture by Takasaka. M.A.P. saw two young artists experimenting within a collaborative field, in order to produce works which were defined by the urban landscape, CAD technology, and geometric abstraction. The collaboration was constructed from a number of interrelated works, but only the fourth and final set of work was exhibited. By presenting a limited section of the collaboration, the works that were shown pointed towards the paintings/constructions that proceded them. A limited edition document was produced in co-ordination with the exhibition, including a written discussion of the project and imagery of all works made. The project invited the viewer into the process of method assessment and connection, to view sculptural objects as painted elements, and to consider illusionistic abstractions as three-dimensional forms.