Exhibition Opening: Saturday 11 March, 4–6pm
Location: 44 Glasshouse Road, Collingwood
Opening Hours: Thursday–Saturday, 12–5pm

knitlock hoarders sentinel is a solo project by Gertrude Studio Artist Ry Haskings that uses structural forms to explore ideas of control and escape.

Referencing discourse and theory of the late twentieth-century, knitlock hoarders sentinel uses the concept of the grid and distorts its uniformity to speculate upon the rules, structures and systems of our contemporary world.

In relationship with the architectural features of Gertrude Glasshouse, Haskings presents large steel grids, each framing pictures. He interferes with traditional and generic forms by skewing the position of these gridded frames in the space. Within these steel frameworks Haskings overlaps images of order and disorder selected through a network-like research methodology, where an image from one event or experience leads onto the next image and so on.

This practice of image-making is also reflected in a video work embedded within the gridded installation, in which the camera tracks three films on three different screens, moving from film to film without any reason or predictability.

Rather than condemning or suggesting an alternative to structural controls, knitlock hoarders sentinel poses a question of the grid by exploring its controlling aspects and testing the flexible points of the geometry and structure that organises contemporary life.

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