UNTYPOTRANSLATION was an exploration of translation - from written form (language) into diagrammatic (visual symbols). Luke Parker’s project was based on a series of “found” notes by artist Richard Hamilton, instructing the Art Gallery of NSW on the handling and installation of his touring exhibition Image and Process. In 1960, Hamilton translated Marcel Duchamp’s 1934 project, The Green Box, which featured handwritten notes and diagrams, some pertaining to his earlier project The Bride Stripped Bare by her Bachelors, Even – also known as The Large Glass, into English typographic format. Across 18 acrylic panels, Parker transformed Hamilton’s written notes into the visual, using collage and drawing. This echoed both Duchamp's use of transparency in The Large Glass, and also Hamilton’s manipulation of found imagery in his early Pop collages. The work also referenced safety diagrams, and other such use of ‘universal’ symbols. UNTYPOTRANSLATION presented as a continuation of Parker’s interest in generating work using found sources and images, and in allowing chance and coincidence to guide the works’ construction.

Luke Parker lives in Sydney. His work was included in Fraught Tales, National Gallery of Victoria 2003; a project he also later showed at Mori Gallery, Sydney. He curated an exhibition of drawings by Frank Hinder for Penrith Regional Gallery, and went on to curate an international drawing show for SOFA Gallery, Christchurch, later in 2014.

[Biographical information current as at May, 2004]