Studio 12 Exhibition

“In 2001, the Victorian Movie Makers club finally closed down, after 63 years. The club was in Napier Street, around the corner from Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces [200 Gertrude Street], and over the years had about 160 members. Group members made travel and holiday films, scripted films, documentaries, comedies, and screened them for each other, awarding trophies to the best-liked films. They upgraded their equipment as film technology changed, from silent 16mm film, to Super8, and finally to analogue video. Functions were held to fundraise, a clubroom built, and Christmas dinner was held annually.

¨I couldn’t bear the idea of films being thrown out in the dismantling process, and approached them about keeping anything that was going to end up in the bin. They were surprised and excited by my interest; as avid memory collectors it was reassuring to know that their films might live on.

¨Wherever you are... is a minimal sculpture that acts as a filter to these films, turning the footage into a moving kaleidoscope. The viewing space created is expansive, but contained within the edges of the object. The compositions become fragmented and cropped, eliminating traditional picturesque devices such as the horizon line. Landscapes and people morph into abstract patterns, infinitely looped and repeated, like a sealed hologram. The work is about giving life to something lost, trapping it, so that good things might never end.”
Laresa Kosloff 2003

Special thanks to the Victorian Movie Makers, Monash Fine Arts Department, Julian Kosloff, Max, Jaquie, Jeff, and Gertrude volunteers.Laresa Kosloff completed a Bachelor of Fine Art at RMIT University in 1995. She has held individual exhibitions at TCB Gallery, Melbourne 2002; West Space, Melbourne 2002; Penthouse and Pavement, Melbourne 2001; and Grey Area Art Space, Melbourne 1998. Laresa has participated in a number of group exhibitions both in Australia and internationally including Multimedia Art Asia Pacific, Beijing, China 2002; Picsel+, National Museum and Gallery, Wales, UK 2002; Vidarte, Postal Palace, Mexico City, Mexico 2002; (The world may be) Fantastic, Biennale of Sydney, Sydney 2002; Gating, Westspace, Melbourne 2002; Brand New Master Copy, UKS Gallery, Oslo, Norway 2000 and Made to Move – Rubik 7, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne 1999. She was awarded an Australia Council New York studio in 2002. 

Supported by Monash University - Faculty of Art and Design