The publication presents the exhibition The Super Light which was an ongoing sculptural/installation project which was resting on the incongruent act of throwing things up in the air and having them stay there.

Created by emerging Melbourne-based scupltural installtion artist Ardi Gunawan, the project reuses found materials, drawing on their prior connotations as a way of building meaning and structure. The form of the work brings together some of Architecture’s loftiest ambitions combining them with the most primitive of structures - a shambolic child’s cubby construction. 

Gunawan props his materials up against each other, wedging them and securing them with a series of slender sticks. The vulnerability of this support-system becomes an integral part of the work - a tentative attempt at defying the fall. To this end, the work becomes a speculation about how lightness can be made apparent through the distribution of heavy things.

In short, The Super Light is a temporary assemblage which makes the viewer reconsider notions of weight and form. As Ardi explains “The structure attempts to release its own inherent tension, the weight of its own balance, through additive processes; stacking, piling, balancing, counter-balancing and leverage. It presents not the illusion of balance but actual balance. “

Ardi Gunawan has shown his work in a number of exhibitions including; in praise of blandness, Monash Faculty Gallery, (2008); Floats like a brick doesn’t…, Bus, Melbourne, (2007); Substructure, Conical, Melbourne (2007); everything, again, FirstDraft, Sydney (2007); an edge meets an edge, Spectrum Project Space, Western Australia, (2007). Ardi is also contributing to several projects as part of the Next Wave Festival in May 2008. These include 2020? at North Melbourne’s Meat Market, and Objects in Space. Ardi Gunawan (b. Indonesia) completed a Bachelor of Fine Art in Painting (Honours) at Monash University in 2006 and is currently undertaking a Master of Fine Art at Monash University.

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