Entanglement Factor is the publication presenting a new exhibition featuring a selection of work by Brisbane-based artist Gemma Smith.

Smith’s vigorous and dynamic paintings and sculptures have toyed with pictorial depth and geometric abstraction and employed a radical exuberance of colour. Entanglement Factor featured a selection of work from across Smith’s corpus including work from her most recent series of paintings.

In these smaller works Gemma built on ideas explored in her earlier chess-board works, presenting a pulsing, push-pull of gesturally applied colour. With vigorous confident making and vast, open backgrounds, these works presented an energy and vitality that could be read as a distillation of some of her colour field experiments in earlier geometric, abstract paintings. Exhibited alongside these paintings were her new sculptural ‘boulders’. Constructed from multi-coloured translucent acrylic, these crystalline monument-like sculptures reinterpreted her sculptural ‘adaptables’ – the plywood sculptures that could be reconfigured endlessly - forming and reforming new sculptural positions.

Within this exhibition, these gem-like ‘boulder’ works were solid and precious seeming, with their translucent coloured planes overlapping and mutating as viewers circled the sculpture. Presented together these works revealed a heightened trust in the dynamics of colour. In these works Smith loosened her grid, and freed a space for her colours to play out their own combinations and interactions, variously repelling and vibrating, creating new and unexpected correlations.

Gemma Smith’s work has been shown extensively throughout Australia. She is represented by Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney and Milani Gallery, Brisbane.

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