This publication presents the exhibition of Gertrude Contemporary’s 2007 UNESCO/Aschberg artist in residence Jooyoung Lee, one of Korea’s foremost young artists. For her exhibition, It's All An Adventure, Lee took over 200 Gertrude Street’s Front Gallery and spread her work virally via television and stenciling. Lee’s work at Gertrude Conteporary reflected an interest in language and translation. Her often temporal or event-based projects transgressed the public/private divide, re-iterating people’s innermost desires and intentions to the outside world. During her residency in Melbourne, Lee organized stenciling workshops with local schools, and conducted interviews with workers across the culture industry. Lee’s exhibition at Gertrude Contemporary included video recordings of these interviews (also screening on Channel 31), a large stenciled window work, as well as a reading room and archives from other projects she had been involved in.

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