Song-Ming Ang’s work revolves around the social aspects of music and sound, exploring what can be produced through temporary communities, amateur efforts, and interactions with systems.

During his residency at Gertrude Contemporary, Ang held a Guilty Pleasures listening party, in which the artist encouraged participants to share their guiltiest aural pleasure with the group. He also continued his research for the A-Ha project. A-Ha: the Aural Jokes Archive is a continually growing video collection of jokes shared by friends and acquaintances. The jokes are chosen on the basis that they can only be told in person because they need to be heard, and hence cannot be shared in written form.

Currently working between Singapore and London, Song-Ming Ang (b. 1980) has exhibited at: Stanley Picker Gallery (London), The Old Police Station (London), Hit Art Space (Gothenburg), Uppsala Museum of Art, GL Strand (Copenhagen), Heidelberger Kunstverein, Sound Walk (Long Beach), Aqua Art Sound Broadcast (Miami), Para/Site Art Space (Hong Kong), Singapore Art Museum, Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, and NUS Museum (Singapore). He was awarded the NAC Overseas Scholarship in 2008, and holds an MA in Aural and Visual Cultures from Goldsmiths College, London.

In addition to his visual art practice, Ang makes music and has released two albums of experimental music. He has performed in London, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. As a writer on music and audio culture, his articles have been published by The Wire, Static, White Fungus, Furthernoise, Substation Magazine, and S/PORES.

Song-Ming Ang visited Melbourne as part of the  Gertrude Contemporary and Arts Incubator (Singapore) Reciprocal Residency program, which is generously supported by the Victorian Government through Arts Victoria.