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Nathan Gray

Gertrude Studio Artist

2009 - 2010

Nathan Gray is an artist and musician whose work is optimistic, dynamic and festive. He creates brightly coloured, improvised assemblages that incorporate sculptural experiments, screen print and drawing. His work integrates large numbers of elements using a process akin to that of brainstorming or mind mapping in an attempt to discover links between specific crafts, materials, cultural practices and ecologies. Gray’s work creates fantastic structures from humble materials and complex networks of simple ideas. Recent accomplishments include a residency at the Sacatar Foundation in Bahia, Brazil, and a commission for ACCA's Mirka at Tolarno space. He continues to make Improvised music with the group Snawklor. For more art, music and images visit: , www.snawklor.blogspot.com and www.inspirilog.blogspot.com. [Information current as at March, 2010]

Image: Still from https://vimeo.com/74630446

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Tuesday–Sunday 11am–5pm

Gertrude Glasshouse

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