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Being, Human Being: UFO Photography

Curated by Mark Feary 

Being, Human Being: UFO Photography, curated by Mark Feary, presented at Gertrude Glasshouse 2022. Photo: Christian Capurro.
Being, Human Being: UFO Photography, curated by Mark Feary, presented at Gertrude Glasshouse 2022. Photo: Christian Capurro.

22 April -
21 May 2022

Gertrude Glasshouse

44 Glasshouse Road, Collingwood

Opening: 21 April 6-8pm

For the second iteration of the city-wide photographic festival Photo 2022, Gertrude presented Being, Human Being: UFO Photographyan exhibition that responded to and extended out of the festival’s artistic theme, Being Human. Purported encounters with UFOs have long relied upon the medium of photography to offer evidence of phenomena suggesting the potential of life beyond our planet, sitting as it does within a vast and expanding universe. This project drew upon images and film submitted to and investigated by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a network formed in 1969 in the USA that has expanded globally since.

The organisation, comprising individuals ranging from ex-military advisors, scientists and astrological enthusiasts, investigates UFO sightings to create an expanding record of unexplainable aerial phenomena from across the globe. The images and footage presented in Being, Human Being draw on research of encounters across Australia and New Zealand. Through investigative methodologies that involve interviews with witnesses, and image authentication, taking into account meteorological phenomena, aeronautical activity and known military movements, the images and video recordings presented in this project have been defined by MUFON investigators as unidentifiable and of unknown origin.

Being, Human Being provided an open forum, drawing on and consolidating unique encounters from a number of different sources across the region to consider the potential of life beyond our understanding. Presented in a manner more akin to a laboratory than an art exhibition, the project was a space of curiosity and discovery, and a platform for open-ended discussion and the sharing of experiences that expand our understanding of human existence.

The documentation of UFO encounters investigated by MUFON presented in the exhibition were additionally connected to the realm of contemporary art through the inclusion of a number of works contributed by artists and long-time UFO enthusiasts, Ronnie van Hout and Sean Peoples.

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Public Program
Image: Sean Peoples, Squeaky Moon (video still, single-channel video), 2018. Courtesy of the artist and STATION Gallery.

Discussion: Being, Human Being

Panel discussionSaturday 30 April, 5amGertrude Glasshouse

Gertrude presented a public program to accompany Being, Human Being: UFO Photography as part of PHOTO 2022.

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Being, Human Being: UFO Photography is presented in partnership with MUFON. Gertrude gratefully acknowledges the assistance and support of Dr Roger Stankovic, National Director, MUFON Australia & New Zealand.

Being, Human Being: UFO Photography is presented as part of PHOTO 2022 International Festival of Photography.

This exhibition is supported by the City of Yarra 2022 Annual Grants program. 

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