17.04.2020 – 16.05.2020

Georgina Cue
Presented part of PHOTO 2020 International Festival of Photography

Opening | Thursday 16 April, 6-8pm
Exhibition Dates | 17 April – 16 May 2020

Referencing Dada film, constructivist theatre and graffiti culture, Georgina uses DIY materials such as cardboard and spray paint to create large-scale stages in a suburban garage. These theatrical stages then become the background for photographs and videos in which, Georgina features as a film siren and femme fatale. Drawing from western ideals of the body such in modernist painting, Cubist masks and classical Greek sculpture, Georgina’s work explores female identity through self-portraiture and performance.

Georgina Cue is an artist based in Melbourne. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honors) at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2011. Recent exhibitions include Scenes, Neon Parc, Melbourne, 2018; Auto Body Works, Arts Project Australia, Melbourne, 2018; Tromp l’oeil, Sullivan + Strumpf, Singapore, 2018; Tricking the Eye, Geelong Art Gallery, 2017; Misshaped Head, Neon Parc, Melbourne 2017; Spring1883, The Establishment, Sydney, 2017, and Melbourne Now, National Gallery of Victoria 2014. She has been the recipient of the Australia Council JUMP Mentorship Program, the Sainsbury Sculpture Grant and the NAVA Foundation Travelling Scholarship. In 2017, she was shortlisted for the Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize and the Ramsay Art Prize.


See the full program of PHOTO 2020 exhibitions and events here: https://photo.org.au/

Image | Georgina Cue, Orpheus, 2020, 114cm x 155cm, archival inkjet print.

22.05.2020 – 20.06.2020

Remedy for Doldrum

Gertrude Emerging Curator Program 2020

Artists | Francis Carmody, Elizabeth McInnes, Simon Denny, Sophie Hyde, Erwin Wurm and, James Nguyen and Ciaran Begley.

Curator | Siobhan Sloper

Mentor | Mark Feary

Opening | Thursday 21 May, 6-8pm

Exhibition Dates | 22 May – 20 June 2020

Since the early 2000s the Gertrude Emerging Curator Program has supported early practice curators through a mentorship program to develop a new exhibition and is presented in alternate years coinciding with Next Wave Festival and the Melbourne Art Fair. The program is Gertrude’s mechanism to support early practice curators as a means to provide professional development and present a project within a public outcome. Over the years, many of Australia’s most interesting young curators have participated in the program and gone on to forge significant careers in the arts working in major public institutions in Australia and internationally.

In 2020, the Gertrude Emerging Curator Program exhibition will be developed by Siobhan Sloper and held at Gertrude Glasshouse, 21 May – 20 June. Siobhan will be mentored by Gertrude Contemporary’s Artistic Director, Mark Feary throughout 2019 and early 2020, sharing curatorial knowledge and enabling professional development within a supportive and encouraging environment.

The exhibition, Remedy for Doldrum amasses an intergenerational group of artists who explore ideas, characteristics and themes of states of play within their work. Using the language of play, the artists cover topics such as global, social and political concerns; language; education and the poetic role of play within the everyday.

26.06.2020 – 25.07.2020

Opening | Thursday 25 June, 6-8pm
Exhibition Dates | 26 June – 25 July 2020

Jason Phu has a multi-disciplinary practice brings together a wide range of, sometimes contradictory, references from traditional ink paintings and calligraphy to mass-produced objects, everyday vernacular to official records, personal narratives to historical events. Working across drawing, installation, painting and sculpture, Phu frequently uses humour as a device to explore experiences of cultural dislocation. His work is about truth and memory, his work is about what my parents taught his, the stories they told him, and how all these things shape people

Image Credit: Jason Phu, if you eat all the food that is good, if you fart that is bad, 2019, installation view in Gertrude Studios 2019. Photo: Christo Crocker

31.07.2020 – 29.08.2020

Opening | Thursday 30 July, 6-8pm
Exhibition Dates | 31 July – 29 August 2020

Andrew Atchison’s practice is organised around an investigation into the idea of queer abstraction. As a conceptual framework queer abstraction asks the question - how might queerness be expressed or understood through the formal language of abstract artworks, in the absence of overt sexual imagery, bodily figuration, or the established art- historical tropes of Queer art? This proposition serves as a framework for both the making of his artwork, and the analysis of others’ artwork and practices.

A second, distinct subset of his inquiry is centred upon the unique opportunities and constraints inherent to working in the public domain, and how queer abstraction might be proposed as a dynamic methodology for the creation, commissioning and reception of artworks for public contexts. Atchison is interested in working in public space as a means of foregrounding the politics of the project, which constitutes a critique of the onus upon queer individuals to appear, or perform, as legibly so at any given time. Public space, as the essential studio of social performance, is identified as the ideal context in which to experiment with this problem.

Image Credit: 
Figure in the round (shaped by a vision always structured through his own multiple horizons of experience), 2019, Stained glass, lead, mixed media, installation view in Gertrude Studios 2019. Photo: Christo Crocker.

04.09.2020 – 03.10.2020

Mikala Dwyer

Opening | Thursday 3 September, 6-8pm
Exhibition Dates | 4 September – 3 October 2020

Mikala Dwyer’s compounds invite open-ended interaction and take the viewer across boundaries of time, space and geography. While playful and exuberant on the surface, they almost always impel us to imagine something darker beneath—or above. Ordinary and familiar materials draw us in, transformed so as to bring attention to the unseen or occult or what society banishes from view. Emerging from a deep and disobedient engagement with modernist form and space, Dwyer’s works have an eye on the future and relationship at their heart—they have been described as ‘profoundly sociable’.

Image Credit | Mikala Dwyer, Thought Forms, 2019, wood, chalkboard paint, chalk. Shared work with Justene Williams and E.Scarlett Snowden. Courtesy of Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne; and Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney. Photo: Christo Crocker.

09.10.2020 – 07.11.2020

Opening | Thursday 8 October, 6-8pm
Exhibition Dates | 9 October – 7 November 2020

Kay Abude is an artist living and working in Melbourne, Australia. She is a current Gertrude Studio Artist in 2019-2021 at Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne. Abude's creative practice engages many different forms of making, including sculpture, large-scale installation, performance, photography and silk-screen printing. Abude is fascinated with the nature of labour, with its economic, repetitive and somatic properties, and how work connects and separates us, taking so much of our time that it comes to define our lives.

Kay Abude completed a Master of Fine Art (by research) at the Victorian College of the Arts and Music, The University of Melbourne in 2010. She has received numerous awards and grants including a 2018 Vic Arts Grant from Creative Victoria and a 2018 HUME Arts Award. Abude was shortlisted for the prestigious 2014 Melbourne Prize for Urban Sculpture and was the recipient of the Professional Development Award and Civic Choice Award in the 2014 Melbourne Prize for Urban Sculpture. She has also received a 2014 Vic Arts Grant, a 2013 Australia Council Art Start Grant and an Australian Post-Graduate Award to complete her Masters degree in 2009-2010. Recent exhibitions include Projects 2018 at the 2018 Auckland Art Fair curated by Francis McWhannell and Gabriela Salgado, and State of the Union at the Ian Potter Museum of Art, The University of Melbourne.

Image Credit: Kay Abude, Be Creative Remain Precarious, 2019, hand silk screen on various textiles (working prints), installation view in Gertrude Studios 2019. Photo: Christo Crocker

13.11.2020 – 12.12.2020

Gerorgia Banks

Opening | Thursday 12 November, 6-8pm
Exhibition Dates | 13 November – 12 December 2020

Georgia Banks is performance artist working primarily with reenactment. Her interest lies in exploring the potential for reenactment to be used as a radically feminist act of transformation and reclamation, with a capacity to shift the meaning of a work, and by extension, generate new forms of contemporary feminist dialogue. She has been working with her body for the past decade; her first performance, You Are Invited to Spit on Georgia Banks at Your Own Discretion, was in 2008, the very first year of her undergraduate degree. She has completed a first class Honours and Masters, during which she developed an understanding of performance and body work. Recently her interest has shifted away from the singular physical experience and into exploring sociological attitudes toward feminism and female sexuality through interactive works such as Intercourse with the Artist, in which for 48 consecutive hours the public had access to her phone number, and she spoke to strangers, to anyone about anything, and Hello Boys, an online interactive work that used the webcam as a metaphorical fishbowl through which female sexuality is scanned and measured. Viewers of this work could comment as it unfolded, from either The Other Art Fair, or the privacy of their own homes. Her work has recently been exhibited as a part of South Australia’s Feminist Renewal Art Network Festival, Melbourne’s Festival of Live Art, Melbourne Fringe Festival, at The Other Art Fair, with upcoming work at New York’s Parson’s School of Design, and at Brisbane’s Metro Gallery, as the first participant in their socially engaged work program.

Image Credit: Georgia Banks, She’s Beauty, She’s Grace, 2019, performance document video