Asset Class
Melbourne Art Fair 2020 Project Rooms

Opening | Wednesday 17 June 6-8pm
Exhibition Dates | 18 June – 21 June 2020

Featured artists: Kay Abude, The Countess Report, Eugenia Lim, Jason Phu, Andrew Liversidge, Nat Thomas

Asset Class is a project that focuses on artists’ relationships to and understanding of the financial mechanisms and structures involved in being an artist. The project creates a portal into the thinking of artists in relation to ideas and issues of consumption, remuneration, labour, patronage and financial exchange. Presented physically and conceptually within the context of a commercial art fair, Asset Class activates the context with honesty and humour, oscillating between desire and resignation. There is a symbiotic relationship between collectors and artists, with collectors craving an engagement with this creative sphere through the acquisition of an artist’s work, and artists ever courting of financial supporters of their practices. At its high end, art is rightfully regarded as an asset class as much as shares, luxury cars and gold. Yet, in spite of its capacity to yield huge returns on global secondary markets, artists would never consider what they do as creating yielding financial assets. This project engages with the commercial possibilities and financial challenges of being an artist at this moment in time. The project will present new and recent works by a selection of artists connected to the Gertrude Studio Program, assembling current studio artists and alumni.

Image Credit: Andrew Liversidge, PROOF OF WORK, 2019