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2011: Michelle Ussher

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Michelle Ussher
Mirrorrim Sees 2011
Screen-print, printed with 12 colours, 5 screens, 1 digital print, embossing, silver
pigment, pencil and watercolour
Print size: 84 x 59.5cm
Frame size: 90 x 65cm
Limited edition of 50 

The 2011 Gertrude Edition Mirrorrim Sees is a specially commissioned digital pigment and screen print on Somerset paper in an edition of 50, signed and numbered by Michelle Ussher. Responding to the repetitive process of printmaking, the series combines 4 images in 10 permutations with 5 variations making each print unique. Mirrorrim Sees depicts the narrative of a three-faced woman relentlessly pursuing an object through a universe of parallel reflections. Ussher’s print plays with the infinite possibilities of perception in relation to fiction, holographic principle, alternate realities and contemporary theory. The work has been generously donated by Michelle Ussher, KALIMANRAWLINS, Melbourne and Barbara Flynn, Sydney.

Work courtesy of Michelle Ussher, KALIMANRAWLINS, Melbourne and Barbara Flynn, Sydney
Artworks printed by Michelle Ussher and Lesley Sharpe at Wimbledon School of Art

Special thanks to Lesley Sharpe, Stephen Beasley, Matthew Noel-Tod, Acme Studios
Photo credit: Paul Knight

The 2011 Edition has been generously supported by Yanni Florence and Colour Square.

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