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Call for Volunteer Invigilators to Perform Agatha Gothe Snape 'An Uncertain Reader'

Agatha Gothe-Snape, courtesy the artist.

Gertrude Studio Artist Agatha Gothe-Snape is creating a work entitled 'An Uncertain Reader' for the forthcoming exhibition 'Nothing Beside Remains' curated by Tara McDowell.

Gothe-Snape asked former Gertrude Studio Artists, from throughout the 30 years of the organisation’s history, to nominate a text that was influential during their time in residence. The submitted texts have been compiled into a reader that charts the social and intellectual history of Gertrude and the reoccurring trends and ideological deposits in cultural production that occurred there. 

The reader will be read only by the gallery invigilators who sit in the building throughout the month long exhibition. They are invited to annotate and highlight the reader if they choose to, and read the tome either as individuals or collectively – whatever they see fit. This access to the knowledge contained in the reader is an exchange made with the people who contribute their time and energy through the act of invigilating. It is up to the invigilator to share, if they have the desire to do so, the knowledge in the reader to gallery visitors, colleagues or friends.

Gothe-Snape will hold a workshop for the invigilators prior to the exhibition opening at a time to be confirmed. 

We are seeking invigilators to sit in the upstairs hallway of Gertrude Contemporary and read 'An Uncertain Reader' between Saturday 26 July and Saturday 23 August. 

The work periods will be:
11am – 2pm and 2pm – 5:30pm, Tuesday – Friday 
11am – 4:30pm Saturday 

Each invigilator is payed a lunch and travel payment. 

If you're interested in being involved please contact Shae Nagorcka, Gallery Manager at shae@gertrude.org.au

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