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Our free resources include exhibition kits, workshop kits, and videos to assist students and teachers in learning about contemporary art.


General Resources

Curators, Galleries, Conservation: VCE: Arts Industry Contexts (VCE)


VCE Video Resources: Artist Interviews

These resources have been developed for VCE Art studies. Together these four resources address the Analytical Frameworks of Structural, Personal, Cultural and Contemporary. They are intended to introduce students to these frameworks and how they can be used to gain understanding of the meaning and messages conveyed in artworks.

These resources are also relevant to VCE Studio Arts, detailing Gertrude Studio Artists' inspiration and techniques, exploration and concepts, and studio process.

1. The Structural Framework with Mia Salsjö

For accessibility, a transcript of this discussion can be downloaded here

2. The Personal Framework with Darcey Bella Arnold

For accessibility, a transcript of this discussion can be downloaded here

You can download a copy of Matthew Greaves' essay 'A Narrative Review of Bilingual Aphasia Research' here

 3. The Contemporary Framework with Andrew Atchison

For accessibility, a transcript of this discussion can be downloaded here 

Video interview for the Cultural framework coming soon... 


Exhibition Kits

Artist Collaborations: Lewis Fidock & Joshua Petherick, and Foster & Berean (7-10 and VCE)

Atlanta Eke: The Tennis Piece (7-10 and VCE)

Ali McCann: Οι νεοί (7-10 and VCE)

Jamie North: Slag Studies (7-10 and VCE)

Dale Harding: The Golden Mile (7-10 and VCE)

Octopus 19: Ventriloquy (7-10 and VCE)

an unreliable narrator: Consuelo Cavaniglia and Brendan Van Hek (7-10 and VCE)

Hope Dies Last: Art at the End of Optimism (7-10 and VCE)

David Noonan: A Dark and Quiet Place (7-10 and VCE)

Sangeeta Sandrasegar: It's Like That (7-10 and VCE)

Great Movements of Feeling (7-10 and VCE)

Raafat Ishak: Chicken River and Khadim Ali: Fragmented Memories (7-10 and VCE)

Octopus 18: Mother Tongue (7-10 and VCE)

Zzzzz: Sleep, Somnambulism, Madness (7-10 and VCE)

Gertrude Studios 2018 (7-10 and VCE)


Professional Learning - Contemporary Art on the Road

To download these resources please see the Contemporary Art on the Road page, here.

For education enquiries, please contact Siobhan Sloper, Gallery Coordinator on education@gertrude.org.au or phone the gallery on 03 9480 0068

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