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If People Powered Radio: 40 Years of 3CR
Friday 22 April

Live Broadcast
Friday 22 April, 7am

In our final Friday night broadcast we introduce you to some of 3CR’s most notorious troublemakers and reflect on a selection of the many campaigns they’ve participated in. From the 1998 Waterfront Dispute to the protest against the Jabiluka uranium mine; from the Aboriginal Tent Embassy to Manus Island; the history of 3CR is also a history of the social and political struggles of the past four decades.

If People Powered Radio: 40 Years of 3CR is a collaboration between Fitzroy’s oldest community radio station, 3CR and one of Fitzroy’s oldest galleries and studio complexes, Gertrude Contemporary. Celebrating 40 years of 3CR, the exhibition will explore the station’s history of radical broadcasting and how it has thrived in its endeavour to foreground the often unheard voices of Aboriginal people, women, workers, ethnic and GLBTIQ communities, differently abled people, environmentalists, artists and musicians. The exhibition presents a combination of recordings, technological hardware, and photographic, written and graphic documents from the station’s vast historical archive, alongside newly commissioned artworks. Presented alongside the exhibition will be a program of public events, including live outside broadcasts from the exhibition space featuring campaigns, current affairs and local musicians

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