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A Short Ride in a Fast Machine


Enelope Aitken, Guy Benfield, Damiano Bertoli, Kate Beynon, Terri Bird, Sandra Bridie, Louisia Bufardeci, Janet Burchill, Christian Chapurro, Peta Clancy, A Constructed World, Kate Cotching, Nadine Christensen, Tony Clark, Cate Consandine, Lane Cormick, Martine Corompt, Damp Julie Davies, Sue Dodd, Kim Donaldson, Colin Duncan, Leslie Eastman, Emily Floyd, Alicia Frankovich, Kate Fulton, Starle Geikie, Mira Gojak, Julia Gorman, Bianca Hester, Chris Hill, Simon Horsburgh, Katherine Huang, Robert Hunter, Eliza Hutchison, Natasha Johns-Messenger, Helen Johnson, Sophie Kahn, Marcus Keating, Toni-Ann Kenna, Paul Knight, Laresa Kosloff, Simone Le Amon, Brendan Lee, James Lynch, Jennifer Mccamley, Rob Mchaffie, Rob Mckenzie, Andrew Mcqualter, Sally Mannall, Sean Meilak, Viv Miller, Vera Moller, Arlo Mountford, Jan Nelson, Tom Nicholson, David Nooman Andsimon Trevaks, Spiros Panigirakis, Jan Parker, Harriet Parsons, Stieg Persson, Alex Pittendrigh, Dominic Redfern, Stuart Ringholt, Alex Rizkalla, Geoff Robinson, Kiron Robinson, David Rosetzky, Ali Sanderson, Jacinta Schreuder, Renee So, Masato Takasaka, Nathalie Thomas, Blair Trethowan, Andrea Tu, Stephen Turpie, Michelle Ussher, Lyndal Walker, Alison Weaver Rosie


To order a copy of this book please email info@gertrude.org.au

2005 marked Gertrude Contemporary’s 20th anniversary, and the organisation celebrated with a major exhibition and publication. The exhibition component of A Short Ride in a Fast Machine ran from 22 July - 27 August 2005. For the first time in 200 Gertrude Street's 20-year history, the entire building was engaged by a dynamic and multi-faceted exhibition which looked over Gertrude's 20-year history and also towards its future, by presenting exciting works which continued Gertrude's commitment to presenting the latest innovations in exploratory, critically-engaged contemporary art practice. As well as Gertrude's 3 gallery spaces, visitors had the opportunity to explore 200 Gertrude Street's corridors, studios and stairwells through a myriad of works installed throughout the building. The Gertrude studios housed collaborations between past and present Gertrude studio artists; and a digital archive of exhibitions, studios, openings and events held at Gertrude over the past 20 years was presented in the back room, alongside a comprehensive collection of catalogues, journals, publications and other significant texts which have influenced and expanded Australia's visual culture. The exhibition was supported by Proclaim; the City of Yarra; and the William Paxton Charitable Trust and the Oliver-Affleck Fund, managed by Perpetual. The publication was supported by the Australia Council; Gordon Darling Foundation; Helen MacPherson Smith Trust; and the William Paxton Charitable Trust and the Oliver-Affleck Fund, managed by Perpetual.

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