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Jason Phu
some demons strolling around playing music all day and night because they have nothing better to do and it is very fun

7 October -
2 November 2021

Gertrude Contemporary

21-31 High Street, Preston South

Street viewable daily 

Gertrude is pleased to announce a new, street-facing commission by Gertrude Studio Artist Jason Phu.  

Jason Phu's new commission at Gertrude Contemporary is a large-scale and colourful mural featuring an ensemble of lively, musical demons. Forming a joyous marching band, the procession includes percussion-playing figures, living instruments, singing spirits, and even a French horn hybrid snail. The mural is conceived by Phu, a current Gertrude Studio Artist, as a bright and uplifting scene for the community and especially children, celebrating the importance of music in lifting our moods during difficult times.

Phu’s work is like a blood orange. Someone will slice it open and be like “oh why is this orange red,” and then someone else will say “that is a blood orange you idiot,” and then there will be someone else nearby who says “ahh no I can’t see the juice squirted in my eyes and now I’m blind,” and then while this whole commotion is going on another person has taken a slice to enjoy on the sand by the ocean.

If you are within the permitted radius, please pass by. The artwork's audio is only able to be experienced in person.


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Gertrude Contemporary

21-31 High Street
Preston South VIC
Melbourne, Australia

Opening hours:
Tuesday–Sunday 11am–5pm

Gertrude Glasshouse

44 Glasshouse Road
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